The collection of postcards and stamps undoubtedly confirms the pleasure of collecting shown by some members of the Marini Clarelli family. There is no doubt that, among more than 5,000 postcards, most of which are Italian, those made on the day after the introduction of the picture postcard are historically interesting. It is worth mentioning the postcards that Girolamo Tilli had made with the photographs taken by Giuseppe Giugliarelli since 1895. Particularly interesting is also the almost complete collection of the postcards printed by Alterocca di Terni (99 postcards compared to 100 printed postcards), as Vittorio Alinari wished, who wanted to make popular the results of the competition he had announced in 1900 to illustrate the Divine Comedy.


The valuable collection of Italian and foreign stamps allows going over its history as well as its moments of national and international history again from the beginning. There are some specimen issued by the Papal Sate and the Kingdom of Italy up to the present days. Some cancellations issued on particular occasions are interesting.