Il Palazzo degli Oddi Hostel delli Oddi

The Palazzo degli Oddi, then Marini Clarelli, today House Museum, rises in the heart of Perugia at street number 84 of Via dei Priori, on the side of the square that until the end of the nineteenth century was called "Piazza degli Oddi". The Palace is in the district of Porta Santa Susanna, where the Oddi family have always lived since the medieval period, in one of the five "regal roads" which, at that time, radiated from "Piazza Grande". The palace was built in the sixteenth century after Guido degli Oddi had purchased another "domus" in 1444 with a tower and a garden that allowed its erection.

As a proof of this first phase there is only the ground-floor drawing room, with its wooden-beam ceiling, which was elegantly painted at the beginning of the seventeenth century. The seventeenth-century great hall, the ancient structures of the former late-Renaissance building and the remains of the medieval houses were then unified in the late eighteenth century after the enlargement of the Palace and the construction of the main façade, completed in 1768.

From the architectural point of view, the palace façade comprises severity, grandeur and elegance with clear string-courses that surround the main floor and a beautiful main entrance where a stone mirror announces that the palace is the "Hostel degli Oddi".

At the end of the nineties and in the early years of the new century, the palace was subjected to important restoration work which allowed it to recover its past magnificence.