The library consists of over 5000 volumes of the 16th and 20th centuries and mainly contains history books or books of local interest, Italian and foreign classics, law codes and handbooks and devotional texts. The texts of the most recent centuries are mainly about the local history, the history of art and travel guides.

Besides the books published in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries that are in the library, particularly interesting are the first editions of the biographical works by the Jesuit Longaro degli Oddi (1685-1773) that till today have being published in all major languages.

Interesting are also the marriage banns and the numerous memoriam cards and obituaries that allow reconstructing biographies of characters of local interest and not.

It is worth mentioning the seventeenth-century manuscript of Augustan memoirs, or Annals of the Perugia Church, with the chronological succession of bishops who ran it, and the first work of ornithology into Italian language which, for the first time, describes the relationship between the territory and the song of birds, that is The Song of birds by Antonio Valli published in 1601.