(Perugia 1914-1993)

Francesco Santi

After taking his law degree in Perugia in 1938, Francesco Santi was recalled to arms and managed to return home only after the armistice of 8th September 1943.

Since he took part in the illegal antifascist activity, he sat on the Liberation Committee and, when democracy was restored, he did highly responsible jobs in the institutes of the city. He was first vice-commissioner and then vice-president of the School of Fine Arts, also thanks to the courses of history of art which, in the meantime, he followed in Rome. In 1945 he entered the Monuments and Fine Arts Office of Perugia as a temporary employee and from then on he devoted all his life to the preservation and development of work of art.

He was always worried about the local museums and did everything possible so that the various collections were accessible to the public. In 1966 he was appointed director of the National Gallery of Umbria and thanks to him the exhibition areas were enlarged using the whole last floor of Palazzo dei Priori. In 1970 he married Barbara Marini Clarelli, establishing with her a perfect, deep and lasting relationship. Being appointed curator in 1973, in 1975 he became the head of the Monuments and Fine Arts Office and so he oversaw the restoration work of historic buildings throughout the region.

Retired in 1979, he continued studying and writing. Among his numerous writings the contributions directly related to his work are worth mentioning, which were mostly published in the «Bulletin of Art» and the catalogues of Umbrian Museums including that of National Gallery of Umbria.