(Perugia 1929-2007)

Barbara Marini Clarelli

She was of noble birth coming from the Marquises of Vacone, the daughter of Angelo and Angela Guglielmi of the counts of Antognolla and Marquises of Valenzina; after studying at academy of art in Perugia, she passed her school-leaving examination at the Art school of Rome. Then, she followed a painting course in Florence given by painter Adriana Pincherle and in 1956 she obtained the diploma at the Central Institute of Restoration in Rome. Being a professional, she worked as a restorer on behalf of the Galleries and Monuments Office of the cities of Parma and Piacenza at that time (1960-1964) and later on of Milan (1967-1970).

Among her most valuable repairs, there are the works carried out at Palazzo Clerici in Milan, those done in the Chapel of the Visconti Castle of Jerago, and those done in the Royal Room of Monza station. In 1970 she married the art historian Francesco Santi, the then director of the National Gallery of Umbria, to whom she remained bound by love and respect for life.

Being a painter deeply bound to the city of Perugia, Barbara appeared to be always attentive to the historical and artistic memories of the city, by promoting and supporting many extremely interesting initiatives in the local history; the first three volumes of the topological-historical description of Perugia by Serafino Siepi were reissued by Mario Roncetti in 1995 with an enlarged edition of the last two unpublished works; the 1597 manuscript Collection of things by Cesare Crispolti was published by Laura Teza in 2001. She was also the honorary member of Umbria' s National History Delegation and an Honorary Archival Inspector.