The archival fund, which consists of 779 pieces (302 records, 178 envelopes, 77 files, 11 folders, 185 parcels, 10 albums, 5 boxes, 8 volumes, 1 roll and 1 booklet), contains any documents produced and collected by the Oddi and Marini Clarelli families, as well as by any prominent families related to them, such as the Guglielmi di Antognolla and it covers a period from the 15th century to 1994.

The fund is made up of parchments, letters, accounting records related to family businesses, personal papers belonging to some members of the two families, postcards and photographs.

The documents collected are particularly significant, among which we can find: the Statute of Laviano, an ancient estate of the degli Oddis, autograph letters by Popes and important historical figures and genealogical trees. The archival fund was declared to be particularly important from the historical point of view on 29th March 2006.