The lodges

The lodges

The lodges are part of the original structure of the sixteenth century building of the palace but the visible decoration on the vaults dates back to 1819. That year Francis I, the Emperor of Austria, went to Rome with his wife Carolina Carlotta Augusta and his daughter Caro¬lina, to pay his respects to the Pope, Pius VII and, during the return journey he was forced to stop with his entire court in Perugia for twenty-four days, due to a sudden illness of his daughter.

He was welcomed by a joyful town: all the house and palace windows "were decorated with silk carpets" while the militia was greeting him "in the army".

During his stay he visited the monuments of the city and stayed with all the noble families of Perugia: France¬sco Maria degli Oddi dedicated a sonnet to him and ordered that the palace lodges next to grotesques be decorated with the imperial coat of arms and horses rampant bearing the monogram "F. II" on the flags and the caparisons; it was in memory of the fact that up to 1806 Francis I had been the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire by the name of Francis II, or maybe in memory of an old bond between the two families stressed by what he wrote in the letter he sent to the Emperor along with the sonnet; in that letter he remembered "that in the thousand three hundred fifty-eight he went with his armies from Hungary to Perugia, thanks to Longaro degli Oddi, the General at that time of the Emperor Frederick II ".